Christopher Martin
(954) 560-8576
EDUCATION                                                                                              Graduation
Duke University- Durham, NC                                                                     May 2011
·         Major: History
·         Minor: Religion
·         Certificate: Markets and Management Studies

Duke University Sports Clubs Council, President                             March 2009 to Present
·         Presided over the Club Sports Program (38 Teams); largest Student Organization at Duke; comprised of 1100 full-time Duke undergraduate and graduate students
·         Grew program, secured CCA (Campus Collaborative Association) representation, updated Handbook, negotiated more practice facility spaces

Duke University Honor Council, Chair                                              Oct. 2007 to Present
·         Accepted Fall Freshman year; elected Personnel Chair sophomore year; elected Vice-Chair of Internal Affairs Junior Year; elected Chair Senior Year: advised administration on policy decisions, coordinated the filming of a documentary on the Honor Council, organized many projects and collaborations among campus organizations to address challenges to Duke’s Community Standard, organized the first President’s Forum with DSG which allowed the President to address campus issues
·         Served as student representative of the University’s Community Standard

Duke University Cycling Team, President                                            Jan. 2009 to Present
·         Joined cycling team as a freshman; placed 3rd @ ACC Championships Road Race @ Wake Forest University in category; multiple podium finishes in both road race and time trial discipline; elected President end of Sophomore Fall semester; grew team to 35 racing team members from 2 freshman year; helped to lead the team to the national championships and to being a top 10 program in the country; was the subject of a Duke Doc Studies documentary; hired a coach, assembled an executive and logistics team to manage racing team as they travel to our many races (mountain, road, and cyclocross disciplines), secured key sponsorships to support the team’s growth
·         Helped to organize first Home Cycling Race at Duke to be held March 2011

Campus Recreation Leadership Council, President               September 2010 to Present
·         Student Leadership Committee that was organized to advise the Director of Campus Recreation Program (Felicia Tittle) and the Athletics Department that includes facilities, intramurals, sports clubs, acquatics, etc. to build a world-class recreation program at Duke; helped develop a plan for Campus Rec Development and collaboration

The Gothic Guardian, Contributor                                                                  Oct. 2009 to Present
·         The Guardian is Duke’s oldest continuously published conservative journal; began writing beginning of junior year; blog infrequently

Athletics Council, Member                                                                 April 2010 to Present
·         Helped to advise the Head of Athletics Department along with the President and Board of Trustees on Athletic Affairs and development projects 
·         Presented Campus Rec Department to this body in February of 2011

Taskforce on Gender and the Undergraduate Experience, Member        November 2010 to Present
·         Appointed by Dean and Vice-Provost of Undergraduate Education Steve Nowicki
·         Taskforce is charged with developing an understanding of the influence of gender on the undergraduate experience through interviews and surveys and to encapsulate these findings in a report to the Board of Trustees
·         Member of Athletics Subcommittee

Office of Student Conduct Student Advisory Group, Member        October 2009 to Present
·         Served on five-student committee that advised the Office of Student Conduct on the development and deployment of policies and stances on issues on campus
·         Worked with DSG and Judicial Board Representatives to secure representation for students on the Appellate Board which is charged with hearing cases that are appealed and for approving changes to Undergraduate Student Conduct Manual: The Community Standard in Practice

Academic Integrity Council, Member                                                         October 2010 to Present
·         Council was responsible for drafting of Duke’s Honor Code- The Community Standard in 2007
·         Served on the Council during major year for developing a picture of the state of academic integrity through a major survey operation and discussions

Campus Collaborative Association, Member                                    March 2009 to Present
·         Worked with 26 campus organizations’ leaders to develop collaborative efforts and programming to achieve the individual missions and goals of these organizations


American Health Associates, Vice President of New Business                               May 2010-Present
·         Work closely with senior management team in developing expansion plans domestically and internationally
·         Working with French partners to develop a joint-venture and collaboration           

Skin Cancer Associates, Research Intern                                                         May 2009-June 2009        
·         Managed and coordinated two clinical trial projects in office of Dr. Harold Rabinowitz: Confocal Scanning Microscopy study, Melafind study; co-authored two research papers; co-authored material for Dr. Rabinowitz’s genetics lecture presentation at the Sccanz Skin and International Dermoscopy Masterclass Conference in Australia

Duke University Department of Dermatology, Confocal Project Leader      Sep. 2009-Feb. 2010
·         Coordinated Confocal Microscopy project and aided with the hiring of interns and the launching of the project

VO2 Sports, Sales Associate, Bicycle Mechanic, and Team Member                   June 2009-July 2009
·         Trained to work on racing bikes and perform repair operations; trained on VO2 Cycling Team and competed in local charity and racing events

Admeco Durable Medical Supplies Company                                               May 2008-August 2008
·         Worked with senior management to develop and implement a strategy to meet JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) standards