Leading @ Duke

If I've learned anything about leading at Duke it's that alone, there is very little you can accomplish here, but as soon as you get partners behind you to help you leverage the incredible networks of brilliant and passionate people at Duke, there is very little that you can't achieve. I have never felt that I was the smartest person in my organizations so in many instances I found myself trying to get out of the way as soon as possible and letting the ideas and feelings of others grow with my comments simply guiding. I think this style of leadership will certainly help me lead initiatives on the Board of Trustees where I will once again be among some of the most intelligent and accomplished people in the world trying to lead initiatives on behalf of the undergrads at Duke. I hope to draw on my experience with working in many different kinds of leadership capacities to inform my leadership on the Board of Trustees. I truly believe that the diversity of leadership situations that I have experienced has forced me to adapt a certain capacity for meeting the demands of leadership in new situations. I look forward to the possibility of meeting this challenge by finding a way to represent undergrads and our experiences in a way that is efficient and effective.